• Taylor Lewis


My dad has always been a Marine.

Not literally - because he was only in for four years, but he holds himself like one.

My dad is five foot seven inches tall, and you still wouldn’t want to mess with him.

He’s a wiry little thing.

Stubborn enough to not give a shit , but smart enough not to start a fight.

My dad used to tell my brothers and me before he would drop us off at school, “You start a fight I’ll whoop your ass, if you lose a fight I’ll whoop your ass.”

Like I said, he is a Marine through and through.

Another example of him being a Marine is how loyal he is.

He and my mom have been together for over thirty years.

He would give the shirt off his back if need be.

And the last and final thing that makes him a Marine is he has no filter - what he thinks, he says.

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