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Not For Glory | Song Lyrics

"Not For Glory" is a song to pay my respects to the military and first responders.

Not For Glory

(words and music Pete Garfinkel and Amanda Colleen Williams)

They don’t do it for fame

They don’t do it for money

When they put down their name to serve God and country

It a hell of a job

And once you’re in

You’re never going to be the same


Not for glory

It’s a sacrifice

For all of us

For all of our lives

Safe at home

We read their story

Not for glory

The ones back at home

Well they don’t understand

What happens at work, and they never can

Cause it might be a sin

To share secrets with someone

Who doesn’t know

Repeat Chorus


They’d do it all again

That’s just who they are

They don’t mind pain

If you don’t mind the scars

Repeat Chorus

copyright 2017 Hillbilly Culture LLC. All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission.


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