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Taylor Lewis Album Announcement

Taylor Lewis album is now available on all streaming platforms and as physical record.

Order your copy in the Shop direct from artist -

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Taylor Lewis on iTunes and Apple Music

Taylor Lewis on Spotify

Taylor Lewis on Amazon Music

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Track list:

  1. Neon Moon (R. Dunn)

  2. TROUBLE (J. Chesnut)

  3. I Know Now (G. Bramblett, T. Lewis)

  4. It Never Rains In Texas (P. Garfinkel, A. Williams, T. Lewis)

  5. Nicotine (M. Oriet, T. Lewis)

  6. Superstition (S. Wonder)

  7. New Way To Fly (G. Brooks, K. Williams)

  8. Tennessee Whiskey (L. Hargrove, D. Dillon)

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